Posted by: leapingahead | July 12, 2010

Top E-commerce Countries

According to the latest research by Everis the worlds top ranking countries who performed best in the area of ecommerce.

The information comes from the report on electronic commerce published by everis, a multinational business and information technology consulting firm, that includes data from 41 countries.

The United States is in first place in the global ranking, with annual sales valued at $134.9 billion, followed by Japan with $51.2 billion, and China with $36.9 billion. The remaining positions were held by Germany (US$36 billion), France (US$28.4 billion), the United Kingdom (US$28.1 billion), Italy (US$19 billion), Canada (US$16.1 billion), Spain (US$15.2 billion) and South Korea (US$13.1 billion).

The report also shows that online sales in 2009 world-wide reached $502.1 billion, representing a 4.5% increase in 2008 and twice the volume recorded in 2004. The average global proportion of the electronic sales volume to GDP was 0.88%. In Brazil, the ratio was 0.55%.

“Despite the severe international financial crisis that struck last year, growth in electronic sales did not fall off. The best performance was in the BRICIT countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Indonesia and Turkey), where growth was 15.8%, and in Latin America, which increased by 10%”, said everis National Chairman Teodoro López. Brazil was at the Latin American leader in the ranking by volume managed.

The study also compared the volume of electronic sales during the year with the number of residents in each country. Among the 41 countries studied, only four showed a decrease in the online sales load: South Korea, Denmark, Sweden and Nigeria. Meanwhile, eight countries grew by over 15%, especially India and Vietnam, with rates of 30.8%. Brazil grew by 8.9% in 2009 compared to the year before, while the increase was 238.8% for the 2005-2009 period.

So.. whats stopping you now from claiming your piece of the action….

Happy online hunting..

John Norton




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